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Isokinator Classic Mobile Home Gym in Compact Size – 2016 Review

The Isokinator Classic Mobile Home Gym is a compact fitness device developed by Koelbel Training Research. This device comes with a printed training manual that will detail how you can use it to get the kinds of results you want. There is also a DVD and app version of this manual, so you will be able to choose which one is most convenient for you.

What is the Isokinator Classic Mobile Home Gym?

This device uses high-quality stainless steel and aerospace aluminum materials, and parts of it are even plated with gold, making it extremely tough and durable. Unlike other fitness devices that you might have purchased in the past, this one can stand the test of time with regular use.

The fact that this device is also waterproof is also an indication as to just how tough it really is. There infinitely variable resistances all the way from 0 to 198 lbs, making it perfect for those novices as well as more advanced users. There are seven basic exercises as well as 28 alternative pull and press exercises that you can use this device for.

Made in Germany, the Isokinator Classic Mobile Home Gym is extremely stable and comes with a 20-year full guarantee by the manufacturer, so you can trust that it will match your specific needs. If you are looking for a way to get fast, measurable results when it comes to improve your body, this device is certainly worth taking a close look at.

Isokinator Classic Mobile Home Gym Exercises

This device is ideal for a short but very intense workout routine that will help you produce noticeable results in a fairly short period of time. With this device you will be able to work out anywhere and anytime you want without the constraints that come with bulky workout equipment.

Isokinator Classic Mobile Home Gym

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Those who want the ability to work out anywhere they want will find this device to be incredibly useful. A lot of people have purchased this mobile home gym device precisely because it can be used anywhere and is so effective when it comes to building and toning muscle.


The overall design of this device is very efficient and effective, so you can depend on it to provide you with the results you need. Using this workout device is very easy, as all you need to do is simply set a resistance, pull on the short or long straps and create constant tension.

Whether you are at home, at work or somewhere else altogether, you will have absolutely no problem using this device. You will move the power block freely along your body for effective isokinetic-desmodromic training that won’t cause any injuries whatsoever.

Isokinator Classic Mobile Home Gym Reviews

Isokinator Classic Mobile Home Gym review

This device is perfectly safe to use, even for beginners. The control function of the display balls will prevent any training errors. When you buy this device you will get a manual that is very easy to follow along with. The Isokinator will go along smoothly with any movement you make, so it is like training with dumbbells only more effective.

You can feel free to bring this compact workout device with you when traveling, so you will be able to train even when you are on vacation or out of town for work.

Most workout equipment doesn’t allow you to use it wherever you are like this one, which is just one of the many great things about it.

The Isokinator has received many positive reviews online from those who have purchased it, so you can trust that it is a legitimate fitness device that can produce actual results.

Anyone who is intimidated by traditional workout equipment in gyms will find that this device is an excellent alternative. Using this device is extremely easy and absolutely anyone can do it. When it comes to resistance training, this device is definitely one of the better options that you are going to have on the market.


There is a Koelbel-Training Research guarantee for 20 years, so you can be sure that you will be able to use it successfully. The low price of this device is another big selling point, making it a great option for those who want to start getting in shape but don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive equipment.

Customer Reviews

Isokinator Classic Mobile Home Gym works

An overwhelming majority of people who have used the Isokinator have reported seeing significantly positive changes in their body after using it for just a few weeks. This training device is the ultimate way to stay in shape at home or on the go.

With this device you will not be limited to one geographic location, such as your home or a gym. The very sturdy overall design of this device is guarantees that it will last through regular use for at least 20 years.

If you are interested in resistance training, this device is a great way to start. Many people use this device as a standalone method of training and others use it to supplement their normal workout routine.

You will quickly discover that this mobile workout device is very easy to use, so you shouldn’t have any issues with it. Most of the people who have reviewed this product state that it is very easy for them to use and they haven’t experienced any noteworthy problems.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, the Isokinator is a great device for working out anywhere. While traditional equipment tethers you to a single location, which is not the case with this device. Anyone who is interested in getting in shape and toning their body will find that this device has a lot to offer.

You will be able to do 7 different exercises with this device as well as 28 pull and press exercises for a full workout routine. The fact that injuring one’s self using this device is nearly impossible is just one of the great things about it. There are many different mobile workout devices that claim to be effective, but this is one of the few that can actually deliver on the promise it makes to its users.

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