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Powerline P1X Single Stack Home Gym Reviews

While there may be a number of different home gyms on the market today, the Powerline p1X Single Stack Home Gym is definitely one of the better options that you are going to have for a number of reasons. This home gym boasts a variety of useful features that have made it one of the very best options for those who want to get in shape at home.

If you are currently looking for a new home gym, this one is certainly an option that you will need to look into before making a final decision on anything in particular.

Powerline P1X Single Stack Home Gym Reviews

Powerline P1X Single Stack Home Gym review

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Perhaps one of the best things about the Powerline p1X Single Stack Home Gym is the fact that it is so easy to assemble. Putting together this home gym won’t take long with the very detailed instructions that come along with it.

The frame of this home gym comes pre-welded in two major sub-assemblies, making it a lot easier to put together.


You will find that this home gym is also incredibly durable, so you will be able to count on it to stand the test of time. This home gym is built with continuous weld frame components, and it even uses seven-gauge steel connecting plates.

The nylon pulleys are made of strong fiberglass material, so you won’t have a problem with them getting damaged over time.


This entire machine is electrostatically applied with powder coated scratch-resistant pain, which means that it will hold up very well over the years with minimal scratches.

Another element of this machine that is especially nice is its extraordinary comfort.

This home gym has a no-cable change design, offering a much more comfortable and convenient way to change between different exercises without wasting any time. Those who have used home gyms that require changing cables know how annoying it can be. The adjustable leg curl or leg extension station that this home gym features has thick foam rollers, so you can always stay comfortable when doing your workouts.

One of the truly great things about this home gym is that it has a very efficient design. You will be able to perform a wide range of exercises, such as shoulder presses, triceps press down, biceps curl, abdominal crunches and a lot more. Anyone who wants to begin working out at home will definitely find that this home gym is worth taking a close look at, if for no other reason than it allows for doing many different exercises.

Powerline P1X Single Stack Home Gym Disadvantages

  • There are some things about this home gym that could be perceived as disadvantages or drawbacks for certain people, such as the fact that the equipment itself can be very heavy.
  • If you plan on moving your home gym to another area after it has already been assembled, you will most likely need some help with that because of how heavy it is. Some users have complained about the assembly instructions, while others are perfectly fine with them.
  • This home gym does not come with a leg press, so you will have to buy it separately if you want one.

Powerline P1X Single Stack Home Gym Advantages

This multi-function, single-stack home gym has an ergonomic design that will make you feel at easy every single time you use it. With a large range of motion, you shouldn’t ever have any issues performing the various exercises that this home gym allows you to.

This home gym is fully adjustable to accommodate any user of any size. The high density foam rubber hand grips and handles guarantee that you have a firm grip when you are lifting weights so you won’t have to worry about any slipping at all.


Priced at around $800, this home gym is definitely a great value for those who have been looking for workout equipment to put in their home.

This home gym has a very compact design, so even those who do not have a lot extra space to work with shouldn’t have any problems at all with fitting this one in their home.

The heavy-duty construction of this home gym is definitely one of the things that so many people love about it, and there are a lot of positive online reviews that you will find for it.

The Powerline P1X Single Stack Home Gym has a mid-range pulley and a low cable pulley. The mid range pulley is used from a seated position and facing away from the machine.

This pulley is great for doing a number of different oblique and abdominal exercises. The low cable pulley is best for doing exercises using a standard cable attachment while in the standing position. While the leg developer doesn’t offer the same lying hamstring curls as certain weight benches, you will still be able to perform the leg extensions fairly easily.

Costumers Reviews

Most people who have purchased and used this home gym say that it is very easy to use and they are happy with the wide range of exercises they can use it for.

Many customers also say that they like the durable, heavy-duty construction of this home gym. The ability to quickly and easily switch between workouts without having to change cables is yet another thing about this home gym that is frequently brought up in customer reviews online.

Although there are some complaints from a small fraction of customers, this home gym is certainly worth looking into.


The warranty that comes with this home gym covers the frame for a total of 10 years and the parts for 1 year.

Considering the low price of this home gym and everything you get for the money you spend, it is an excellent overall choice for those who want to get in shape at home.

Overall Verdict

If you are determined to finally start getting in shape, you will definitely want to take the time to see exactly what this home gym has to offer before deciding what you want to do.

By taking the time to look into this home gym, you should be able to get what you need.

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